GRACIEMAG at the European Open

In its eighth year covering the European Jiu-Jitsu Open, GRACIEMAG and push forth with their tradition of innovating and now launch a blog exclusively to cover the first major event on the annual Jiu-Jitsu calendar of the year.

Venue for the event

Once again, the GRACIEMAG team will be at the Casal Vistoso Sports Complex, from January 27 to 30, to bring the excitement in Europe to gentle art lovers the world over.

Plenty excitement in Lisbon

But before that, the blog will feature a warmup, with the latest from the stars who will take to the mats in competition.

Joy on the winners' podium / Photos: Ivan Trindade

There will be more than twenty days’ worth of exclusive bulletins, videos, background on the European Open and its champions, bombastic interviews, and a lot more.

And when the competition begins, the blog will be the place to be for readers wishing to be in on all the goings-on in Lisbon.

Join us on yet another voyage!


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