European Open 2011 brackets set

The IBJJF has released the brackets for the 2011 European Open.

From white to black belt, one can already get of glimpse of the path to the gold.

Featherweight bracket

Featherweight bracket

At black belt, there’s no surprise in the favorites at opposite ends of the bracket only facing off in the semifinals and finals.

Some curiosities and projections:
At featherweight, Bruno Frazzato gets a bye, while world champion Rafael Mendes faces off against Renan Borges in the first round.

At lightweight, in the event that there is no upset, the semifinals will be Durinho vs. Langhi and JT Torres or Augusto “Tanquinho” vs. Lepri.

At middleweight, Victor Estima and Claudio Calasans are on the same side and, barring a surprise, will face off in the semifinal. Alan “Finfou” is at the other end of the bracket and favored for the final.

At heavyweight, here’s the prediction of who’ll make it to the semis: Bernardo Faria vs. Helveccio Penna; Leo Nogueira vs. Marko Helen.

At superheavyweight, Bruno Bastos and Lúcio Lagarto should meet in the semifinal to determine who will be the opponent for Rafael Lovato Jr., the favorite at the other end of the bracket.

Among the ladies, at featherweight Kyra Gracie is the favorite to go through to the final against Letícia Ribeiro or Angélica Vieira.

At lightweight the final should pit Luanna Alzuguir against Beatriz Mesquita.
And in the absolute, with confirmation of Kyra’s absence, the path is clear for Gabi Garcia and Luanna to close out. Also in the open, there’s the possibility of an intriguing semifinal between Beatriz Mesquita and Gabrielle.

Click here to check out the brackets for the European Open 2011.

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