Moraes wins absolute and other stories

And history will show Sérgio Moraes to be the grand champion of the European Open absolute class.

In the final the submission wizard, who came to stardom upon submitting Kron Gracie in 2008, defeated Cláudio Calasans Jr., of Atos JJ, by a single advantage point after a 4-4 draw.

The absolute decider was the latest chapter in the recent rivalry between Alliance and Atos JJ.

There was one more rivalry, however, at the Euro Open 2011.

The light featherweight division featured the best final of the lot, with Bruno Malfacine and Ary Farias bringing the crowd to its feet and raising the temperature in the gymnasium. “It was s tough match to ref,” said top-notch referee Múzio de Angelis.

A lot of back-and-forth movement, sweeps, throws and ferocious attacks on the feet set the tone for the showdown between two fighters who had nothing else on their minds but getting the finish. In the end, a 6 to 4 score handed Ary his first gold medal as a black belt.

History will also smile kindly on Lúcio Lagarto and his emotion-filled win at superheavyweight. His 8 to 0 score over Rafael Lovato Jr., coming from a sweep and two guard passes, was nothing compared to his victory over cancer, even training while undergoing chemotherapy.

At medium heavyweight, Bráulio Estima arrived straight from the funeral of a dear friend in England to fulfill his pledge to dedicate his victory to him. When the final against Sérgio was over, with two advantages in Bráulio’s favor, Carcará pointed skyward and shouted: “This one’s for you, Steve!”

There was but one more division that had a final. At middleweight, Cláudio Calasans imposed his game on Bruno Almeida and latched on to his neck, getting the only tapout of the finals.

In the female division, Oceané Talvard defeated Elizangela Galvão at light featherweight; Marina Medeiros defeated Kyra Gracie at featherweight; Luanna Alzuguir overcame Michelle Nicolini; and Ida Hansson defeated Priscila Juni.

The team placement went as follows: Alliance wins for a second time, followed by Lloyd Irvin, and then Brasa.


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Black belt finals defined

The finals of the the European Open 2011 were as follows:

Light featherweight
Ary Farias vs. Bruno Malfacine

Rafael and Guilherme Mendes, Bruno Frazatto, and Eduardo Ramos all close out forAtos JJ, with the title going to Eduardo, who beat Ryan Hall in his only match.

Michael Langhi and Lucas Lepri close out for the second year in a row.

Bruno Alves vs. Claudio Calasans

Medium heavyweight
Bráulio Estima vs. Sergio Moraes

Alliance’s Leo Nogueira and Bernardo Faria close out.

Rafael Lovato vs. Lucio Lagarto


Rodrigo Comprido vs. Igor Silva


Light featherweight
Elizangela Meirel vs. Oceané Talvard

Kyra Gracie vs. Marina Soares

Luanna Alzuguir vs. Michelle Nicolini

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Brown belt absolute champ heads to Denmark

Denmark’s Alexander Trans, from CheckMat BJJ, is the grand champion of the brown belt absolute division.

He beat teammate Yuri Simões in the final with a superbly applied footlock.

The win wrapped up a perfect championship for Trans, who had six matches at superheavyweight and open weight, submitting every one of his opponents.

What now, black belt?

“Not for a good while,” he said humbly.

Stay tuned to the GRACIEMAG Euro Open Blog for further information.


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Breaking news: Sergio Moraes vs. Calasans in absolute black belt final

Sergio Moraes and Claudio Calasans will face off for absolute black belt gold on Sunday.

Sergio submitted Rodrigo Cavaca with a footlock and Calasans scored 5 to 2 on advantage points against Bernardo Faria.

In the female division, Gabrielle Garcia and Luanna Alzuguir closed out the absolute yet again. In the semis, Gabi beat Beatriz Mesquita and Luanna overcame Michelle Nicolini.

Stay tuned to the GRACIEMAG Europ Open Blog for complete coverage.

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Brown belt weight class results

The brown belts took to the mats this Saturday in Lisbon.

And now all the weight classes in the belt group have their champions.

Check out who placed from roosterweight to ultraheavyweight.


1- Raul Marcel – Gacie Humaitá

2- Mohamed Samsoudin – Gracie Humaitá

3- Gabriel Rosberg – Check Matt BJJ

Light Feather

1 – Jonathas Jefres – Gracie Barra

2 – Thyago Guimaraes – GB

3 – Levy Jackson Melo – Check Matt BJJ

3 – Julien Gaillard – Toulon JJB


1 – Simone Franceschini – Tribe JJ

2 – Ichitaro Tsukada – Damm Fight

3 – Rafael Porto – Pride Team

4 – Thiago Lemos – Luiz Porto JJ


1 – Roberto Souza – Bull terrier

2 – Jordon Schultz – Alliance

3 – Rafael Domingos – Brasa

3 – Wim Deputter – Brasa Europa


1 – James Harbison – Lloyd Irvin

2 – Patrick DeCaro – Frota Team

3 – Wellington Araujo – Icon JJ

3 – Aroldo Moretti – Check Matt BJJ

Medium heavyweight

1- Yuri Simões – Check Matt BJJ

2 – Charles Negromonte – GB

3 – Boualem Benaissa – ASA BJJ

3 – Roberto Torralbas – Lloyd Irvin


1 – Johannes Wieth – Ribeiro JJ

2 – Thiago Souza – Franco Penteado

3 – Jyri Manninen – Brasa

3 – Alberto Ramos – GF Team


1 – Alexander Trans – Check Matt BJJ

2 – Tiago Giussani – Tanque

3 – Tiago Carvalho – Beto e Cia JJ

3 – Juan Francisco Betancor Moreno – BJJ Revolution


1 – Diego Salomao – Alliance

2 – Andre Campos – GB

3 – Paulo Victor Veloso – Luiz Paulo JJ

3 – Grzegorz Szatkows – Macaco Gold Team

The absolute starts at 2:30PM GMT.

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The tribute, the epic, and the Sheikh

With more than 1,900 athletes signed up, there are countless stories to be told in one championship the size of the European Open.

Coming up, three stories that caught the Blog’s attention.

First, blue belt Hélio de Melo came down from João Pessoa, the capital of the Brazilian state of Paraíba, to compete and pay a tribute.

With him in his baggage he carried a photo of a training partner and a nickname: Mocequinho.

With a bronze medal dangling from his neck, Hélio tells his friend’s tragic story: “Everything was in place for him to come and compete, but he was murdered in João Pessoa on the 25th.”

Team Check Mat gathered in tribute

At the moment his photo was taken on the winners’ podium, extending his shirt to clearly display the image of Rufino Gomes Neto, Hélio is accompanied by other members of team CheckMat, among them black belt Alan “Finfou” Nascimento.

Besides him losing a friend, Hélio states that Jiu-Jitsu lost a talent: “He was the 2010 No-Gi champion of Brazil.”

The star of the second story is a team from Santa Catarina, which provided a good example of dedication to Jiu-Jitsu.

Led by black belt Ronilson Silva, the team composed of white belt Catherine Perret, blue Luiz Pichette, purple Patrick Rampanelli, and brown Adnan de Campos started planning its trip to Lisbon in November of 2010.

Pichette, Adnan, Patrick, Catherine, Ronilson

“It was a battle getting sponsorship in the towns where we have academies, in western Santa Catarina, and we even took out a loan from a bank so we could cover the costs of the trip.When departure time came they encountered even more difficulties.

“We drove ten hours to Florianópolis to get the plane to São Paulo and then to Lisbon, In all, the trip took twenty-nine hours,” recounts Ronilson.

To wrap up with the third tale, a royal story.

Jiu-Jitsu is a smashing huge hit in the United Arab Emirates, and this success produced an unprecedented occurrence at the European Open 2011, the presence of a member of the royal family from one of the emirates that comprises the country.

Thei Sheikh sweeps for the win.

Sheikh Tariq bin Faisal, from the emirate of Sharjah, competed in the blue belt senior 1 division.

The emirate of Sharjah is the third most important of the UAE, behind Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

After winning his first match, the noble competitor was unable to make it past the semifinal and celebrated winning the bronze medal.

Over the last two days of the European Open 2011, more stories will unfold.

Stay tuned to the GRACIEMAG at the European Open Blog!

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Day 2 in 15 images

There was no lack of excitement at the European Open 2011 on Friday.
The absolute purple belt matches did a fine job of raising the thermostat in Lisbon.
Besides big wins from Mackenzie Dern and De’ Alonzio Jackson, the day stored further excitement.
As always, GRACIEMAG’s lenses honed in on all the action going on, bringing 15 instants from the party that is the European Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship.

Click on the image to check it out.
Stay tuned to the GRACIEMAG at the European Open Blog for all the latest from the championship.
This Saturday, the black belts take to the mats.
Photos: Ivan Trindade and Ane Nunes

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